Single-Card Draw


In one of the oldest methods of cartomancy (which is in itself among the oldest of the most common forms of divination), a deck is cut and a single card is drawn to measure the level of one’s luck before making a decision. (It should be noted that Tarot games have an archaic ranking system.)

For questions that are more involved or multidimensional than “How lucky am I right now?”, the card’s imagery and the mental associations it evokes are much more relevant than card rank. This method is also well-suited for general inquiries and for “What do I need to know” type questions such as those requesting daily guidance or status checks.

You can let the Web site choose a random card for you, or you can use the “Choose from spread deck” option and manually choose a card from the rows of face-down cards. If you want to expand the spread then simply choose more cards. In one approach to interpretation, the cards that closely precede and follow the chosen card (in the order of the shuffled deck) represent influences and possible outcomes.