The Crossroads Spread


  1. One View
  2. Another View

From A Guide to Tarot Card Reading by Mark McElroy:

“The Crossroads spread explores the forces that create or perpetuate a situation. This spread is particularly good for conflict resolution because it can make it easier for you to understand a completely foreign point of view.

“The two cards representing each viewpoint are laid one over the other, at right angles, creating a miniature intersection (or a ‘plus sign’).

“The top card represents one perspective on your problem; the other card represents another. As you relate each of these cards to the question under consideration, you’re likely to see your issue from a completely different point of view.

“If you like, draw one to three additional cards, representing steps you can take that will transform the conflict into a win-win situation.”

You may want to try the “Choose from spread deck” option and manually choose additional cards from the rows of face-down cards.