The Story Spread


Once Upon
a Time


Initial Response



From A Guide to Tarot Card Reading by Mark McElroy:

“The Story Spread allows you to see your situation in terms of plot points in an ongoing story.

“Positional meanings in the Story Spread include

  1. Once Upon a Time—This card represents your situation in the beginning, before complications occur. Expect to see your original goals or expectations reflected here.
  2. The Incident—This card represents how an action taken, person met, or decision made changes the course of events forever.
  3. Initial Response—When we encounter obstacles, we usually do our best to avoid them. This card reflects your first most basic, most impulsive response to the Incident.
  4. Insight—This card reveals something you must know in order to act with wisdom.
  5. Resolution—The Resolution points the way out of the forest, increasing your chances of living happily ever after.

“The Story Spread is a particularly effective spread for working with relationship issues because it clarifies original intentions, identifies misunderstood or misinterpreted actions, and suggests a way to move forward.”